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bittersweet trumpets.

22 Jan 2013

I have a thing — to be sure, everyone’s got a thing (don’t deny it!), and my thing is the very lovely sound of bittersweet trumpets.  You might think it sounds like this, but oho, no no no, my dears: those are gorgeous, triumphant trumpets.  And they are perfect, indeed, but when the mood strikes you — and the mood strikes me, apparently, quite often — I need something a bit more minor key, a bit more … plaintive.  Something a touch more elegiac.  Something like this, perhaps. (Wait for the horns at the end; so very, very worth it.)

Courage, my love.  The trumpets and these words are the mantra of the new year, I suppose.  Smiles amidst glorious, but still such difficult, harmonies.  Something like that.


[Photos taken with the always-errant Lomo.  I am contemplating delving into a Contax point-and-shoot universe.  Will keep you posted!]

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  1. 23 Jan 2013 4:40 am

    Great photos and great taste of music!

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