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5 Sep 2012

It rained all weekend, and the lushness of the Southern vegetation only added to the humidity, but at last: DC.  Armed with a crappy camera — an old Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, a rangefinder from the 1960s — with a broken light meter and loaded with even cruddier drugstore film, I decided to pretend I had a Lomo, and to hell with proper exposure and focusing!

Sorry about that.  So much for feeling guilty about an underused camera.  Underused for a reason, obviously.

Though we did, quite briefly, drive past the Mall and the Capitol building and all of that, it was the mundane stuff, the odds and ends of J’s new apartment and his Capitol Hill neighborhood, that caught my eye.  And all those crabs down at the Maine Avenue Fish Market!

Just a quick two-day visit, this was.  (Alas.)  Next time I promise I’ll bring the Leica & Hasselblad.

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