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folks (and food), recently.

28 Mar 2013

I had the opportunity to hang out with such a wonderfully varied group of folks over the last week, some usual suspects (Hi Shannon and Mike!), another just visiting from out of town (Hi Stephanie!), one I haven’t seen in a while (Hi Chris!), one I don’t see nearly enough (Hi Brendan! Let’s have drinks some time soon!) and some of the regulars at my other local, very kindly posing for me as I barked orders (Hi Richie and Matt!  Don’t look at me!  Don’t smile!).

There was also an incredible meal at Mighty Quinn’s BBQ in the East Village.  YOU MUST GO.  ORDER THE PULLED PORK OH MY GOD.  ALSO BRONTOSAURUS RIB YES YES.   I photographed the pickled chile pepper prep guys while we stood in the cafeteria-style line and waited to order our food; later we stopped in at Il Laboratorio del Gelato to continue the decadence.

The next night, Chris, Mike, and I caught the last night of Planetarium at BAM — it’s the collaboration between Nico Muhly, Sufjan Stevens, and Bryce Dessler, along with a drummer, string quartet, and seven(!) trombones to boot.  It was extraordinary, completely catching me off guard.  We left in a daze, floored by the show.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it since that night.

I love my friends, and sometimes I really do love New York.

Oh, and this is what happens when you accidentally scan two negatives on top of each other.  (New project, maybe?)

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