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19 Mar 2013

A crazy, nutty weekend involving cider, more cider, a Calvados interlude, sleep, more sleep, not enough sleep, and a lot of good folks throughout.

I also discovered that B&H is selling 120 film loaded onto 620 film spools, which means that if you’ve got a thrift-shop-purchased Kodak Brownie Hawkeye or some such toy camera sitting on your bookshelf collecting dust, you could ostensibly take it out for a spin with this re-spooled film (at $13/roll, it’s not cheap!).  I loaded my old Hawkeye with some slide film, which I had the lab cross-process in regular C-41 color negative developer.  The results?  Eh.  But at least we had some fun with it.  To wit — me and the Leica taking a photo of Illt and the Hawkeye taking a photo of me:

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