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digging in.

15 Mar 2013

If you take a look through my food on film set on Flickr, you’ll see a lot — A LOT — of photos of food in which, in the background, there are arms and hands waiting very patiently for me to take the goddamn photo already Hurry up!.  Then there are a handful of shots like these, the anomalies, where either my dining companion says f*ck it I am STARVING and they dig in, or the person in question looks at me quizzically, as if to say Seriously?  You’re going to take a photo of me eating this?  And I smile awkwardly charmingly and snap away.

This is as close to an action shot as I probably get.  And thanks, everyone, for being half-patient with me.


Dad (Hi Dad!) | Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa Restaurant
Fellow diners | Mile End
Mark | Lobo
Andrew | 4th Avenue Pub
Anita + Matt | Pies n Thighs
Jeremy | Mile End
Donny | Peels


Shannon | Tilly’s Diner
Nick | Slice of Rosario’s Pizza at DBA
Dom | Tokyo
Dad (Hi Dad!) | Co. Pizza
Cody | Char No. 4
Jeremy | Cafe Pedlar
Tony | Taiwanese Food Truck

Or sometimes you just go for it, camera be damned: Asad | Nolita.

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