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late afternoon, Q train.

11 Sep 2010

I can’t remember what I was doing on the Q train back in August 2008, or at least in the part of the journey where the train goes above ground (once it hits the top of Prospect Park and goes down the eastern edge of the park).  I think maybe Andrew and I were headed to DiFara’s Pizzeria that afternoon.  But I do love it when the trains hit natural light — I get that on my commute every morning, when the N and D trains make their way over the Manhattan Bridge — and everyone looks like normal people once again, the ugly subway lights no match for the sunlight streaming in.  It’s also why I prefer lamps to overhead lights: the latter obliterates shadows and details, makes everyone (and everything) appear slightly consumptive.  There’s just so much more possibility with shadows: depths and nuances otherwise unseen.

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