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the half-past polaroids.

1 Apr 2013

matt 1

I’m working on a project of sorts — the Half-Past Project, as it’s currently being called — and yesterday, inbetween folks sitting for me + the Hasselblad at Marshall Stack, we snapped some Polaroids using the close-up extension tube that you can add to the Hassie to turn your 80mm lens into something a bit more macro.  Between the slowness of the color film (iso 100) and the creeping darkness of a grey, late afternoon when we used the 3200-speed instant film, the bar looks far murkier and shadowier than it actually was — there are grand windows to the right of everyone here, streaming in lovely light (even lovelier when it’s actually sunny out!).

The actual Half-Past photos should be up tomorrow or Wednesday; until then, I hope you enjoy these shots.

Also: don’t try to pull out more than one Polaroid at a time.  Polaroid gods will get very, very angry.

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  1. 1 Apr 2013 5:41 pm

    Lovely portraits. The lighting is nice and soft and complements your subjects well. I wish I had some windows around me like that. I would be taking portraits all day long! 😉

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