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the half-past project (test run).

3 Apr 2013

Megan | 1:48 pm

Mike | 2:20 pm

Lindy | 2:49 pm

Shannon | 3:21 pm

[yours truly] | 3:48 pm

Abdul | 4:13 pm

I had a glorious project planned for the weekend, something I’d decided to call the Half-Past Project.  Last week, I emailed some friends, asking them to stop by Marshall Stack on Sunday afternoon anytime between 1:30 and 6:30, and sit for me while I capture them in the afternoon light — the bar’s got great, tall windows along two sides.  Armed with a handful of positive responses, I prepared for Sunday’s drink- and photo-fest with glee.

Only, well, the weather didn’t get the memo.  Though I’d read on Saturday night that there was a chance of rain on Sunday, I shooed those predictions away, believing that with an already beauty Saturday, the weekend surely wouldn’t go south.  It did.  Though the rain didn’t start up till the early evening, Sunday afternoon was awash with bright grey light, the sort of light that produces no elegant shadows nor a sense of the passage of time.

But folks showed up to the bar anyway, some of the regulars and staff even sat for me, every half hour, from around 1:40 until just after 6pm, when the darkness and rain started to take over.  I’d wanted to capture the slow movement of warm, golden light across the same space over the day, and while that didn’t quite transpire, I do like the results anyway: you can sort of see the bar, and faces, get ever so slowly swallowed up by the darkness.  And I’ll think of this as a practice run for next time, when I look a bit more carefully at a weekend weather report and — AND — buy a tripod for the Hasselblad.  Those late afternoon photos, between the dying light and, well, we were at a bar, could use a bit less blur and more stability.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and sat and had a drink and turned a grey day into a very productive and most convivial one.

Matt | 4:46 pm

Kathryn | 5:21 pm

Daniel | 5:46 pm

Ben | 6:04 pm

Jeffrey | 6:07 pm

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  1. 4 Apr 2013 4:22 pm

    That’s a great idea! I love it! Just saying. And also, I’m excited to see the next pictures of the project – with the lighting you have in mind. Cheers!

  2. 13 Jan 2014 1:42 am

    I really like this series of images hung-an tran. We humans are a diverse mob 🙂

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