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the long walk home.

17 Jun 2011

On Wednesday night, I decided to forgo a post-work gym outing, and instead opted to walk home.  All the way home.  Here’s what I saw, in chronological order, from near-start to near-end.   As much as I love living in Brooklyn, walking through Manhattan in the late afternoon in June, when it’s not impossibly hot and everyone’s still relatively not sweaty from the heat, is a singular delight.  So many different street scenes.  So many people in the city parks trying to find inner peace.  So much gorgeous architecture and light.   So much fruit!

Nearly six miles and two and a half hours later — there may have been a couple of pit stops to, er, quench my thirst –I made it back into Brooklyn as the sun set on a beautiful day.    I’m going to try to do this walk again, only next time (and every time thereafter) try a slightly different route before I hit the bridge.  There’s so much of New York that I’ve never seen, so many streets I’ve yet to walk down.  Beats going to the gym any day.

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  1. Daisy permalink
    17 Jun 2011 11:21 pm

    Stunning. The light you captured is a delight and I want some strawberries please…

  2. 18 Jun 2011 3:40 pm

    The real world can’t really be that pretty, can it? Looks like enhanced reality. And looks amazing.

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