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a wee hiatus.

23 Jan 2013

It occurred to me the other night, while I was scanning a few rolls of recently-developed 120 film from the Pittsburgh trip, that I hadn’t cracked open an actual book in something like six weeks.  I mean, I’ve been reading the weeklies, and lord knows I’m addicted to what shows up on my Google Reader.  But actually sitting down with a book: how — dare I say — novel.

So I’m going to take a mini-holiday from the blog, and from photographing in general, so that I can rediscover the wonders of the written word.  Such a journey won’t take me too far afield, I assure you; it’s not like there isn’t a stack of books on my nightstand taunting me as it is.  In the meanwhile, go forth!, enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy, and do it with aplomb.  If you’re feeling so inclined, wander over to my portfolio site, where I’ve posted a series of recent work (many of which I’ve posted in one capacity or another over here at the blog, over the last six months).

I’ll be back soon.  I’m heading to Tokyo in a few weeks (!!!!!), and there will surely be a treasure trove of photographic delights to indulge in while I’m there, and hopefully to share with you upon my return.

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  1. 23 Jan 2013 5:11 pm

    Everyone needs a holiday with a good book! Enjoy!

  2. samantiks permalink
    27 Jan 2013 9:44 pm

    Atlesst tell us what book!

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