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2 Feb 2013

It’s pretty wonderfully versatile, Ilford Delta 3200 speed film.  Indoors, outdoors, daytime, nighttime: it’s got enough leeway to capture nearly everything.

1. Andy (Sorry about making you pose outside during that snowstorm! Thanks for being a trooper.)
2. Mike (“Look pensive! Stand still!”)
3. Celina and Justin B.  (Yay!)
4. Justin M. (“You’re not going to give me a smile, are you?”)

Off to Tokyo in less than a week.  With any luck, I’ll also have a new (old) camera in tow.

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  1. 2 Feb 2013 8:26 pm

    Oh I’ll have to try this film. I have been shooting with film for a while now, time to try something new!

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