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wide angles.

16 Sep 2011

So I’m headed to Sweden in about ten days, a two-week solo trip that I’m hoping will yield many lovely photographs.  I’ve been debating about which cameras to bring with me; they’re heavy, you know, and I can only carry so much in my bag before I feel like I’m dragging around a small elephant.   At this point, I’m definitely bringing the Leica and the Lomo, and maybe the Nikon FE, though probably not.  My Yashica is staying home, since its recent output has been really quite disappointing, though I might pack the Holga, just to have a 12o-film-loaded camera on call should the landscape demand it.

I’ll also be bringing my newest acquisition, a Cosima-Voigtlander 21mm f/4 Color-Skopar wide angle lens that fits quite nicely on the Leica.  I figured that the vast, sweeping Swedish seascapes deserved to be captured properly, and I wanted a lens that would get me to think more rigorously about my street photography, which is sorely lacking at the moment.  So I shot a roll and a half with the new lens — swapping in the 35mm Zeiss Biogon lens during my sojourn with Ryan to the tailor shop — and got back more of the results today.  The two above are of Jonas and Diane, visiting from Stockholm, after our brunch at Roman’s in Ft. Greene.  The ones below are of Ryan and our afternoon at Walter Foods.  The very last shot was taken with the 35mm lens, just for comparison’s sake.  I’m standing the same distance from Ryan as the previous shot.  They’re not joking about wide angle, are they?

I still need to work out the kinks with framing and metering — it looks like the Voigtlander quickly loses all contrast when it’s even slightly underexposed, but otherwise: yeah, this 35/2 and 21/4 duo is going to be an awesome lens combination for Sweden, methinks.

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