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nikon or leica?

3 Dec 2010

This was taken last week, when my parents were in town for Thanksgiving.  Central Park South.  I had both the Leica and the Nikon with me for much of the week, and was alternating between the two, occasionally taking pictures of the same thing with both cameras.  I uploaded most of scanned negatives from last week’s rolls onto my computer, and now that I’m at work, without the actual negatives in front of me, I seriously can’t remember which camera I took this with.  So: Nikon or Leica?

Also – it’s already December.  Man alive!   This year has gone by incredibly weirdly.

Update: I finally got a chance to check the negatives, and …. totally taken with the Nikon.  I was leaning towards Leica, so go figure.

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  1. 4 Dec 2010 4:49 pm


  2. 4 Dec 2010 8:05 pm

    I wanna say Leica

  3. Daniel permalink
    8 Dec 2010 4:27 am

    Somebody’s gotta say it:

    Smart photo editor at that there Gothamist.

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