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from the archives: gregory.

14 Sep 2011

A few years ago, on an Sunday afternoon in early June, I was at Park Bar near Union Square, having drinks and waiting for Daniel to arrive so we could head off to La Nacional, to meet his brother Jesse for some proper paella.  But while nursing my whiskey at the bar, I couldn’t help but notice the very nattily dressed fellow sitting a few stools away from me.  Suspenders!  Cufflinks!  A fountain pen!  I had to know more.

So I struck up a conversation.  His name was Gregory, and over a couple of vodka+sodas, he was jotting down some notes for a talk he was going to give later that week to his church group about stem cell research.  “I’m trying to present both sides of the argument since, you know, a church group might be inclined to go only in one direction,” he told me.  When I pressed a bit further, to see where he stood on the matter, he only smiled and replied, “I thought I’d use the talk as a way to work through my own issues with it.  We’ll see where it goes.” 

I had Pony, my Yashica Mat 124, with me, and asked if I could snap a photograph.  “Of course,” was the reply, and as befits a man sporting, (as it turns out, US Senate !) cufflinks, a yellow tie, striped yellow shirt with white collar and cuffs, and mustard yellow suspenders, Gregory sat up a bit, took his fountain pen to the envelope he was jotting on, and posed ever so elegantly.   I wonder if he was as wonderfully dressed and poised at his stem cell talk, and if his audience proved to be as genteel and affable as he was that sunny Sunday afternoon.

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  1. 26 Sep 2011 5:50 am

    Just fantastic. Love this shot and story. Also, the paella was pretty good.

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