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the (second to) last hurrah (for now).

30 Aug 2011

So, yeah, M. Wells is closing, yadda yadda yadda.  You know this already.  Based solely on my recent postings, you’d think that the last meal I consumed before this one was also at M. Wells.  Sure, fine, question my sanity. But this meal here, this one was special.  This one involved dear Mike D., with whom I’d first ventured into M. Wells nearly a year ago, along with our friend Fred.  And really, M. Wells just isn’t the same if Mike isn’t there with me; no, I mean, seriously.   This time around, Mike just got his nursing degree out in Seattle, and decided to celebrate by coming back to the city, to have one last meal at the diner before it went on hiatus. 

Turns out that today, August 30th, the last day the place will be open in its current location, Mike managed to grab a seat at the counter, for a proper last hurrah.  But in leiu of the hipstamatic photos that he’ll no doubt post shortly on Facebook, you can take a gander at these, from the second-to-last hurrah.   There was a burger, some fries, and a tortilla espanola with sweetbreads.  There was also a caramel brownie a la mode, which we spiked with some kosher salt and made even more brilliant.  It was a perfect meal.  Alcohol may have also been imbibed. It just a great late lunch between two old friends, heavy on the banter at the beginning of the meal, reducing to half-conversant grunting at the end.

Later in the afternoon, we met up again for drinks at Peels, where we toasted to our good fortune — friendship and M.Wells-ship — as the sun set brightly, shimmering everything in its path. 

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