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brunching with economists.

5 Jul 2011

Ok, only one economist.  But Brunch with the Economist sounded oddly like Interview with the Vampire, and Sunday afternoon was definitely not like that.  (As an aside, that film hasn’t aged well, has it?)  And the inimitable J. Dittmar is like three formidable economists rolled into one anyway, right? 

So yes: what do you do with a pal you haven’t seen in years?  You end up at Prime Meats and you very slowly make your way through a cured meats plate (the calves tongue!  sweet jesus that was good!), a radish + dandelion greens salad with anchovy dressing, and a bowl of herb + mushroom spaetzle.  You order several cocktails.  You talk at length about soccer and relatives far afield.  You very slowly and leisurely make your way up to Cafe Pedlar afterwards for some coffee while sorting out the pros and cons of the dinosaurs in Tree of Life.  Somewhere in there Andrei Rublev gets thrown into the debate.   

Pretty great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, no?

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