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the garden.

27 Aug 2012

Now that my father is retired, he spends a lot of his time in the little garden he’s put together in the backyard of my parents’ place in Los Angeles.  When I was home, we enjoyed some of his tomatoes in the bun rieu that my mother made; on another night, I nearly scorched my tongue off from the heat of the peppers Dad had picked earlier that day.   Dad is pretty pleased with his garden, and so I took some photos for him, so he’d have some lasting evidence of his hard work.

Above: taken with the Hasselblad + Fuji Provia slide film.  All photos below: Hasselblad + Polaroid back + Fuji instant film.

Alas, when you have a garden, you sometimes encounter some curious interlopers.  On my last weekend in town, Dad stumbled across two hornworms attempting to cozy up to the tomatoes.  We sat them on the ledge so I could take their mug shots.

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