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when in doubt.

28 Jun 2011

Get to Mile End before 11am and your wait won’t be so long.  You might even end up sharing a table with an adorable toddler who will wolf down the lox but try to pick out the chives from the scrambled eggs.  Order the smoked meat hash + fried eggs.  Always.  Mile End’s smoked meat is quite possibly better in hash form, with the meat coming close to BBQ-esque burnt ends (oh yes), a nice contrast to the potatoes and the richness of the broken egg yolks.  (Because of course you will mix the eggs + hash together, right?  RIGHT?  It is a combination that can’t be beat.) 

Feeling like you need something more handheld?  Get the chazzer, egg, & cheese.  It normally comes on rye, but for an extra $1.50, they’ll put it on a toasted Montreal bagel besieged by sesame seeds.  Get it on the bagel.  Trust me.  It’s the most decadent fried egg sandwich ever.  Add a few squirts of sriracha between the fried egg and pork.  You will make a glorious mess.  

Wash everything down with a mimosa.  Stagger out of the restaurant.  Climb back into bed.  It’s barely noon on Sunday at this point and your day is nearly complete.

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  1. Daniel Littlewood permalink
    28 Jun 2011 4:42 pm

    It’s like I’ve eaten there now, instead of just standing outside on a winter’s morning!

    • 28 Jun 2011 4:44 pm

      Aw crap. Somehow my brain read M. Wells instead of Mile End. Please delete this nonsense from me, I can’t figure out how to on my own. But is should also be said that YES the smoked meat is head and shoulders above anything else on the Mile End menu. I’d just add that you should get the pickles, too, even for breakfast.

      • 28 Jun 2011 9:17 pm

        well, the way to order at m.wells is to get the egg sandwich — ALWAYS — because it is amazing, and then order at least four of the strangest sounding dishes (general tso’s sweetbreads, roasted bone marrow + escargot, etc), even if there’s only two of you at the table, and you will be very, very happy.

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