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recently consumed.

7 Jul 2011

I am so full.

1. Bomboloni | Bottega Falai
2. Waiting for takeout at Bread.  A glass of wine may have been consumed.
3. Wine + frites | Le Barricou  (Doesn’t this look weirdly like a stock photo for a stock chain restaurant?)
4. Whiskeys | Cafe Colette (Unconsumed by yours truly; it was 10am after all, and even I have boundaries.)
5. Mortadella + broccoli rabe on foccacia | Eataly (though consumed outside Marshall Stack.)
6. Coffee + breakfast sandwich | Cafe Colette
7. Birthday feast | Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan  (I have no idea what the restaurant name actually means.  But the dinner itself was spectacular and gut-busting.)

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