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the new arrival.

16 Mar 2011


Monday should’ve been a pretty glorious day for me.  With the time change, there would be an extra hour of sunlight to take advantage of.  And!  The new Leica arrived!  Hooray!  Over the weekend, I’d made grand plans to hit B&H for film and batteries, so I’d be ready for the big delivery.  But then I got caught in various things — some good (brunch at Bocca Lupo, the FA cup match between Manchester United and Arsenal, a hilarious wurst competition at MoMA) and one incredibly bad (Battle: LA (er, sorry about that, Mark)) — and B&H would have to wait until Monday afternoon, after I’d already received the Leica.  Not a problem.

That was the plan, anyway.  But then on Sunday evening, I helped Mark move a credenza into his new place.  While I was still nursing a pulled tendon.  Monday came around, and, well, yeah.  Or I mean … no.  Bruised, sore, and having re-strained my halfway-healed tendon, I could barely move.  The Leica came — hooray! — but sadly, all I could do was stare longingly at it.  B&H was out of the question — I looked like a broken marionette on Monday afternoon, hobbling down the office corridor, hopped up on as much Advil as my body could take.  And so the Leica would remain in its box, waiting for a happier day to come around.

It’s Wednesday now, and several Codeine tablets later, I’m nearly back on track.   I managed to limp my way to B&H on Tuesday afternoon, and now the Leica’s all set, battery and film-wise.  Though now, of course, the weather has decided to be exceptionally uncooperative.  It’ll probably be another day or two until I’m pain-free and able to walk without eliciting stares, and hey!, it’s supposed to be nearly 70 degrees on Friday.  So I guess the Leica’s big debut will have to wait until then. 

In the meanwhile: any name suggestions for the new kid on the block?

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  1. 16 Mar 2011 10:26 pm

    i am green with envy. GREEN I TELL YA!!

    • 18 Mar 2011 8:05 pm

      oh, it’s a great little thing, i have to say! one day, perhaps, it’ll even have a nice summicron lens for a friend, too!

  2. 7 Apr 2011 10:20 am

    great blog. that banner image is a winner!

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