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repetition, routine.

10 Jun 2013

I’ve developed a bit of a routine over the last few months: work on Mondays through Fridays, with a TV night usually on Tuesdays with dear Mike D, and maybe seeing a friend or two on other weeknights.  Saturdays I spend in the darkroom — darkroom C, at Print Space in Manhattan, is my preferred one of the four available for hourly rental — and Sundays I laze about in bed, seeing what’s available on Netflix Instant.  An afternoon glass of wine (or three) along with the Times crossword.  A book in the evening, or perhaps pub quiz at my Brooklyn local.  And then it’s back to the workaday world.

There’s something rather comforting about this routine, an orderliness and stability after months of disquiet.  I think it’s starting to show a bit, too, in what I’m choosing to photograph.

Above: The return of the Backdrop Project!  [Top: Bob.  Above: Glynn.]
Below: The stoops of Bergen Street, Brooklyn.

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