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the backdrop project, recently.

29 Apr 2011

All photos: Leica M6 with Kodak Gold 100, which isn’t half bad, I have to say.  It’s no Ektar, but for the price — under $3/roll — it really can’t be beat.

1. Andrew | Prospect Expressway overpass on 6th Avenue, South Slope
2. Shannon | Orchard Street, Lower East Side
3. Andrew | somewhere along 6th Avenue, South Slope
4. Grocery/Deli Man | South Slope

Below: On my flight out to Los Angeles, my rowmate — Jorge, as he would introduce himself late in the flight — and I were fortunate enough to have no middle-seat-mate.  We used the empty seat to throw our various books, sweaters, and headphones for most of the flight; two hours before the end of the flight, we found ourselves using the middle tv screen to watch the replay of the two-day old FC Barcelona – Real Madrid match.   Rooting for Barcelona despire already knowing the outcome of the game (damn you, Real Madrid!), we cursed the fact of Cristiano Ronaldo, then discussed the joys of visiting — but not living in — Los Angeles.   I snapped this photo with the Leica as our plane started our descent into the city; it’s not quite a proper Backdrop Project photo, but it still somehow fits, methinks.

PS.  My dear friend Andrew, pictured in the top photos, is headed to Nicaragua imminently, and then to law school in the fall.   Safe travels, sweets!

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