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ellen’s desk.

27 Apr 2011

Meant to post this over the weekend, but I’ve only just now found a consistent internet source here at my parents’ home in Los Angeles.  In any event: my friend Ellen Weinstein, an illustrator, was featured over at the blog From The Desk Of …, which showcases, yes, the desks of creative types.  Ellen and her husband David Flaherty, also an illustrator, asked me to take film photos for the post.  I took photos of their place for about an hour on a particularly sunny and bright spring day, and got to hang out with their pup, Fritzie, too.

Check out the post — it’s got the photos, plus a great little interview with Ellen.

As for Los Angeles: many food photos, as well as pics of my awesome niece and nephew, will be posted shortly.  Though I have to say: it’s been rather nice, not having much access to the web.  I’d forgotten how great consistently sunny days can be.

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