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the backdrop project, round one.

28 Mar 2011

So here it is — the first round of photos from my new little backdrop project.  The project title is temporary, I think; I just haven’t had a chance to think it through quite yet — and I figure that as the project progresses, my understanding of it will as well, so a proper name will come to me eventually.  But anyhow, here it is, in all of its nascent glory. 

I also don’t know yet if I’ll use both gates/walls and more landscape-y backdrops (like the one of Daisy, second from the top).  Thoughts?  I’m also hoping to start asking more random folks on the street if they’d like to take part; I can only take so many photos of my friends’ backs before they start tiring of me and the camera.   Thanks much to Ben, Daisy, Shannon, and Kathryn for obliging me and Eleanor these past few days.

And here’s an outtake of sorts — Ben and I were shooting away when a little boy came running towards (and then past) us.  Ben looked over to see what the commotion was all about.

Any thoughts/suggestions/etc would be most welcome.

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  1. season permalink
    10 Apr 2011 3:34 am

    how about taking the whole body in the photo?

    • 12 Apr 2011 4:04 am

      that would be a different sort of project, if i did whole bodies; i’d need a different camera, and it would somehow feel a bit more … posed. even if these are already a bit posed. but there’s something intimate about being this close up to the subject, and i suspect that taking the whole body would give the photo a somewhat less sensuous/sensual feel. there’s something about being able to see individual strands of hair, and so on, that i don’t think would be as possible in whole-body shots.

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