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a new project.

23 Mar 2011

So at least one photo turned out sort of nicely from this weekend’s weirdly botched Elitechrome roll: here’s lovely Shannon, obliging me in an intentionally back-facing photograph by the building next to Marshall Stack on Sunday afternoon.  I like how subtle vertical greys in her hoodie contrast with the horizontal greys of the building gates.  And the sliver of her yellow bag adds a nice, wee bit of color to the shot. 

Then, once I stopped thinking about the color and tones and just stared at the photo a bit longer, I realized that I maybe have a thing for this kind of photograph.   To wit — Daniel, several months ago:

12 years ago:

15 years ago:

To be sure, the last two (of my old friend Theron) don’t actually include the head (sorry about that, TS!), so it’s sort of a different beast.  But not completely.  You get the point, no?  Not quite a pattern, certainly not a fetish, but perhaps just a …. well, a thing.  One that maybe I should bring more focus to. 

And so with a new camera (Hi, Eleanor!) and the start of spring and nearly decent weather (though you wouldn’t know it by staring out at the rain and snow currently washing out the weekend’s sunny bliss), I’ve got a wee new project on my hands.  Or a project on other people’s backs, as it were.  Stay tuned.

Update: This one too, of Lupe, from two years ago.

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