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late afternoon, marshall stack.

25 Mar 2011

Finally caught some magic hour light this week at Marshall Stack, while working on the for-now titled Backdrop Project.  (More on that next week.)  Shenanigans, as always — hard not to shenanigate when there’s a great $4 happy hour wine special, and great company to imbibe with.  But I was quite pleased with how well the Ektar 100/ Zeiss Biogon/Leica combination is working under these fading light conditions — especially indoors.  It helps, of course, that the Stack gets great light, and its dark grey-green walls seem to diffuse, perhaps even mute, the shadows, in really subtle ways.  But by 7:15 everything had taken on a dusky, dim, steel blue hue as night slowly crept through the wall of windows along the eastern side of the bar, and it came time to put Eleanor away for the evening.

And yes, I very consciously inserted myself into that one photograph.  A regular Alfred Hitchcock, I am.  (Not at all, actually.)

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