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central park.

3 Apr 2011

Everyone loves this spot in Central Park, right above Wollman Rink (I refuse to add the Trump bit to the title), where the view opens up to the buildings surrounding southeastern corner of the park.  I love the spot too, but I clearly love watching other people love the spot.  I’ve mentioned this spot before, and have posted the top photo before, but I’m including it here along with the photo above, because it shows the incredibly lovely seasonality of the city.  Taken barely a month apart but at nearly the same time of day, the top on an overcast day in early March and the one above taken yesterday, a beautiful April Saturday, there’s a great sense of the promise of spring, even if we’re a bit overdue.

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  1. 7 Apr 2011 1:32 am

    are you by any chance vietnamese? your name makes me think so.

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