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the magic.

17 Mar 2011

This is where it happens.  The magic, that is.  Some of the best pizza crust in the city starts here, folks: the borrowed Leica and I got a peek at the downstairs prep kitchen at Co., where my pal Brendan spent a recent Saturday afternoon getting the pizza dough ready for its second (?) rise. 

Also, there is something in the world called a Tomato Machine.  It ‘s like a high-powered tomato peeler/de-seeder – apparently it can mill 330lbs of tomatoes in an hour!  I know what’s going on my birthday wishlist. 

Below: a Rosa pie, in all its crusty, cheeseless, post-tomato-machine glory. 

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  1. Daniel permalink
    24 Mar 2011 3:19 am

    I milled about 30 pounds of tomatoes the last time I ate at Co, but I was mainly using molars.

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