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18 Mar 2011

So here’s the new Leica, showing off its moves during a couple of visits downtown this week.  Pretty sharp, eh?

Also: have you been inside the Surrogates Court building on Chambers Street?  Sweet Jesus, wander in there some time and just stand in the atrium.  It is gorgeous.   The photo immediately above doesn’t do the space justice; this is old New York in the grandest of ways.   (Be sure to look up at the skylight, too.)

It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t had a chance yet to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight.  I’m hoping this weekend will provide me with much light, if not warmth — although it’s a glorious 70 degrees today, it’s only going to be in the fifties the next couple of days.  Lots of food in the near future as well, so I’ll have a chance to see how the Biogon lens + the new Leica fare at mealtime.

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