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very dark.

2 Mar 2011

For all of my post-staycation talk about making better use of daylight hours, I’ve been taking a hell of a lot of photos when I really shouldn’t: long after the sun goes down and/or in what is basically candlelight.  It took me a minute, after a bit of squinting and memory recall, to figure out what this is a photo of: the fruit stand at the corner of Canal and Essex streets, around 10:30pm earlier this week.  On the left side, with the lights jutting away diagonally, is Division Street.  The local lies just steps into the darkness. 

I didn’t realize until after I’d taken the photo that the aperture setting was set at f/8, which would plunge an already underexposed nighttime photograph into much murkier territory.  New York is never quite this ominous looking, I don’t think.

More daytime photos soon, I promise.

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