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going dark.

28 Feb 2011

First note to self: There is low light, and there is basically just candlelight.  Stop trying to take photos when conditions veer closer to the latter.   No matter how wonderful your burger and hot chicken sandwich at The Commodore were.   (Oh hey!  I just noticed in the top photo: Commodore 64!  Purely coincidental and totally awesome.)

Second note to self: The lighting at Momofuku Ssam Bar is better than at The Commodore, but at the end of the day, you’re still not going to get a good shot of your food with the Leica.  No matter how glorious the entire meal was.  (Especially the spicy Chinese sausage with crispy rice cakes — sweet jesus yes.)  And no matter how great the company was.  (Hi Carson and Gregor!)

Third note to self: While taking photos of great meals in low light will inevitably result in so-so photographs, the converse (obverse?  inverse?  You’d think I know this) is also true, at least for my most recent roll of film: great photos taken in beautiful, natural sunny (de)light will surely also mean that the meal itself will be quite mediocre.   Case in point: brunch at Flatblush Farm. 

Not a terrible meal — just not a very memorable one, alas.  The sausage gravy in the b&g was pretty bland, though the biscuits had a nice texture.   And hey, note to restaurants: throw a poached egg on top of your biscuits and gravy!  It’s brunch!  The egg yolk will bind all flavors together in the most magical of ways.  Trust me. 

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  1. Daniel Littlewood permalink
    4 Mar 2011 8:53 pm

    Hey! If the restaurants are going to start putting eggs on biscuits & gravy, they best warn the unsuspecting masses. Some of us fear the yolk.

  2. 10 Mar 2011 7:10 pm

    i’m sorry, but i disagree with you. your photos in this post (ok, fine, all of your posts that i’ve read so far) are beautiful, in spite of the lighting. the mood of the photographs are wonderful – private, personal, and even mysterious. i loved looking at them.

    i was just lamenting today that i am incapable of taking night time pix. i have a block about learning proper techniques and f-stops and blah blah blah with my camera.

    • 18 Mar 2011 8:07 pm

      thanks so much! i guess it’s just that compared to the daylight shots, the ones taken in low light just lose a certain quality. or, i guess to be more optimistic, they gain a different quality, one that’s taking some getting used to!

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