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staycation: the takeaway.

27 Feb 2011

What I learned on my week off:

1. I need an office with a window.  Stat.  My god, the light that I miss out on, from 4pm-on, just makes me weep a little bit.
2. There is so much of the city that I have yet to explore.  So many good eats out there that I have no idea about, that I need to know about.

All of that said, this last week back at work has made me realize something incredibly important, as I wander back into the midtown fray at 5:30pm every afternoon: the days are starting to get longer again, finally.  And the light that I so desperately miss out on from October through February — it’s sticking around for a little bit longer, every day just a wee bit more.  More daylight hours to maybe just duck into a random subway car, get out at a random stop, and see what long-shadowed spring-to-summer light and hole-in-the-wall food awaits.

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