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portraits of the artist.

20 Aug 2010

Next to my bedroom is a little room that my housemate Aaron has been using as his studio for the past little while.  There’s a great flood of bright light that comes into my room every morning, but the light that comes into the studio is a bit more muted.  The beige walls have something to do with that, no doubt, but what results is a kind of stillness in the space, as if everything within the studio is its own potential painting, a potential still life, clustered outside of the canvas itself.

The top photo was taken a few weeks ago, with the hazy summer morning light fighting its way past the dense thicket of leaves on the huge tree outside our apartment.  The photo above was taken last October, with the tree bare and a somewhat harsher, more direct early morning light reaching the paints.  There’s still something so quiet about it, though.

Aaron’s moving out soon, and a writer is moving in.  She’s also taking over the studio space.  I wonder what the light will find in there, come September.   Oh, and here’s Aaron, sitting on the front stoop of our brownstone.

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