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midtown, late december 2010.

3 Mar 2011

[Note: Extra spaces between b&w shots for better viewing.]

In December, I loaded No-Name, my dear Nikon FE, with a roll of Kodak Tri-X black and white film, and decided to take my merry time finishing the roll. I only just got the developed negatives back yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to see images that I’d completely forgotten that I’d taken.

Among the surprises: four photographs taken from a conference room down the hall from my office. If I recall correctly, these were taken the day after the big snowstorm at the end of December, the day when the entire city shut down and nobody (except yours truly and a co-worker) came to the office and midtown was eerily quiet.

The last three photographs feel very 1950s to me, a New York of a bygone era. The top photo feels more sci-fi, like a futuristic cityscape of ever-diminishing windows. It’s also vaguely reminiscent of the Michael Wolf photo that my friend Daniel is looking at in this shot (only, well, nowhere near as amazing and dizzying).

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