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from the black & white archives.

11 Nov 2010

Nearly two years ago, I came home to my apartment one night and in the hallway there was this mise en scene: one of the dining table chairs was positioned upside down (presumably atop another dining table chair facing rightside up), with a cavalry of screwdrivers arranged on the wooden bottom of the seat.  I’m guessing that one of my housemates was fixing a loose leg, but for a good day and a half this mini-scene remained untouched.  At some point I came downstairs with the Nikon, which was loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 speed film (yes, 3200), and snapped a few pics.  And then the next morning, the screwdrivers and upturned chair were back in their normal resting spots. I never did get the full backstory from my housemates as to what the repairs entailed.

I was going through my old black & white photos tonight, as I wait for my latest roll on the Leica to return from the lab — Fuji Neopan 400, probably my default black and white film now for the past twelve or thirteen years.  It’s been a while since I’ve shot in b&w, and I wonder if I still have the touch.  (I’m also figuring that perhaps the Leica will do half (more than half?) of the work, since Leica  glass is so spectacularly sharp.)  Fingers crossed!

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  1. Edw permalink
    27 Nov 2010 4:18 pm

    ..great photo ..but I just love the new collective-noun: a “cavalry of screwdrivers”!

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