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only blurry focus can break your heart.

10 Nov 2010

To everyone who asked, on-blog and off: this is what frantic rangefinder focusing looks like.  I want to say that it all looks gorgeous, but having seen what Leica optics are capable of, I can’t help but write these guys off.  The alternatives are so very …. potential’ed! Am working through a roll of Fuji Neopan 400 (b&w) now, and will report back as soon as the roll is developed.  I’m hoping that the focusing has improved, at least to the point where I can tell the difference between 8 inches and 8 feet.  (Oh, come now, let’s not be crass, yes?)

Anyhow, here you go: the Leica M6 outtakes.

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  1. 10 Nov 2010 5:38 am

    maybe the Leica optics are so good that it not only able you to take crisp photos but also wonderful blurry photos! yeah? no? maybe?

    still beautiful photos

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