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here is a hot sandwich!

7 Mar 2013

Ok, so I’m totally going to mangle this story, but: years ago, back in college, friends of mine had what I think we’ll call a collective crush on a fellow first year student.  And one of my friends had studied Russian in high school, and somehow, unbeknownst to her, the collective crush object got the nickname вот горячий бутерброд: Here is a hot sandwich.  No, I’m not joking (though I think maybe she also had a shorter, slightly more manageable nickname?  Or maybe they just said вот горячий бутерброд! whenever she walked by.  Again, possibly mangling the story).  Anyhow, years later, that nickname-slash-declaration still makes me laugh.

This story has nothing to do directly with the photos here, except that here are some additional hot sandwiches, all photographed this past Sunday.  (From the top: Kathryn, Justin, Chris, and Kathryn again.)  And separately, yours truly, as photographed by K.

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