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saturday at the college bar.

6 Mar 2013

Moral of the story: if you make plans to meet in front of 169 Bar*, chances are that you’ll end up inside 169 Bar.  And if you’ve made plans to meet in front of 169 Bar in order to walk from there to parts unknown to take some photos, but instead you find yourself inside 169 Bar, chances are that all photos henceforth will be taken within a 20 foot radius of the front door of the bar.

[ * More than one person to whom I’d mentioned that I’d been at 169 Bar — a bar I had, prior to Saturday, been to only once, back in 2006; in fact, nearly everyone I know has been there only once, at some distant point back in the aughts — said to me, incredulously, You went to the college bar?!  And there you have it: the title of this post.]

Two hours later, it had basically devolved into this. (Note — the photo below is the only one, of some 10 or so shots, that is even remotely in focus, partly because I couldn’t stop laughing and partly because everyone else couldn’t stand still.  College bar!)

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