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single shot monday: amiti + shannon.

23 Apr 2012

I just got back from Los Angeles, where I spent the weekend celebrating my father’s retirement and eating up a storm.  Instead of taking home the Leica, I brought the Pentax Spotmatic instead, since it’s a better camera for food shots, and well, you’ll see those results later this week.  But the Pentax already had some film loaded, and when I got the roll back from the lab today, I was quite surprised to see six photos of two of my lady pals on there.  No memory as to when I took this photo of Amiti and Shannon, though since it was taken on Canal Street and there’s a nice long sunset in front of them, I’m going to assume it was late afternoon some time last spring, right in front of the local.   Anyhow, I dig it, and am wishing for similarly warm, glowing light on this grey, slightly chilly Monday.

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