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24 Apr 2012

The house where my parents live now is not the one I grew up in; this one is in Montebello, in a hillier part of East LA, where the ground is a bit drier and the native plants a touch hardier.   My parents rent this place, and the landlord, an acquaintance of theirs, handles most of the landscaping, so whenever I’m home there’s a slightly surreal quality to wandering around the front and back yards, almost like being in a stranger’s home.   That the house is in a mostly-unfamiliar area of town to me adds to this feeling; then again, this might just be the feeling of being in the suburbs after a long stretch in New York City.

Separately: if you hail from an Asian immigrant family and don’t have a house filled with cheapo plastic or rubber slippers laying around the front and back doors of your house, I would like to meet you.

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