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late lunch.

1 Aug 2011

A handful of us went this weekend to our friend Bernard’s country house in Walton, NY, about 150 miles northwest of the city.  We got there Friday night, and left Sunday afternoon; inbetween, we made use of the huge kitchen, collaborating on every meal.  Saturday afternoon, after running a couple of errands, we sat down for the most langorous late lunch I think I’ve ever been a part of, starting at around 3:30 and ending some time after 6, when the store-bought apple pie had been polished off and everyone went this way and that, mostly to find comfortable spots under the trees to siesta.

But the lunch itself: a salad of local greens, radishes, and green beans, finished off with less-local grape tomatoes, onions, and a peppery homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  Leftover cheese and bread from the previous evening’s dinner provided a bit of fatty, carby joy.  And, since we were planning for a late dinner and a generally late evening, we made an executive decision to eschew straight-up wine in favor of wine spritzers, perfect for the late July weather.

And oh yes, the weather!  Hot, but never humid, with cool grass underfoot, without any of the NYC asphalt radiating heat upwards.   The perfect weather to take it slow, yes, but also to take it all in — the quiet, the lushness, the stillness of a summer weekend away from the lovable insanity of the city.   Even the fruit followed suit.

Many, many more photos from the weekend, to be posted as the week unfolds.

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