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28 Jul 2011

So here’s the thing: I’ve been experiencing this odd, sharp pain in my lower left leg for a few months now.  Last week I finally got around to seeing a sports medicine doctor, this one at the excellent Women’s Sports Medicine Clinic at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  Turns out that I’ve pretty much run my way into a stress fracture.  What this means, treatment-wise, is that I’m stuck with a splint for the next four weeks; if fracture doesn’t heal by that point, they’re going to put me in the boot.  Yeah.  Fun times!  

And so in my mild depression from not being able to do much at all — running is out of the question, and even though walking is allowed, the splint is not unlike walking around with saran wrap sticking to your leg — I’ve decided to just kind of …. pork out.    Relentlessly.   I’ve eaten ridiculously, and ridiculously well, the last 8 days.  And pictured above are only three of those meals.   I didn’t take a photo of it, but do not get me started on the glory that is the summer corn and fregola antipasto dish at Otto.  (You can see someone else’s photo of it here on Flickr.)  Good lord, I could eat that all summer long.  Alongside everything else I’ve been consuming, of course.

From the top:
1. bun tom cha gio — vermicelli with grilled shrimp & spring roll at An Choi.
2. duck larb at Zabb Elee (which is fast becoming my go-to spot in the East Village).
3. biscuits benedict with bacon gravy at Char No.4
4. the communal table at An Choi.
5. som tum thai — green papaya salad with dried shrimp and peanuts at Zabb Elee.
6. gravlax on crispy potato pancake with fried egg, and smoked+fried pork nuggets at Char No.4 (I wasn’t kidding about the porking out).

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  1. 6 Aug 2011 5:55 pm

    wonderful shots!

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