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the birthday party.

20 Jul 2011

This guy threw a birthday party at his place last weekend. 

 This guy — my housemate — showed up, since he knew not only the birthday boy, but also the birthday boy’s new roommate.  Small world, eh?  Also, despite appearances, my housemate is not asleep.

This guy brought his Contax T2 — a camera I’d love to have, but not before I get my hands on a Hasseblad — and we switched cameras for a little bit, so he could test out Eleanor the Leica.  (The closeups are his shots from the evening.)   Also, that guy produced a film that you all should see.

This guy — a new dad — showed up at the party, apparently forgoing much-needed sleep for differently-but-still-equally-needed whiskey. 

Only a small sampling of the revelers.  I came a bit late, and didn’t stay too long — I’m an early bird these days — so I don’t know if there was cake.  I hope there was, and I hope the birthday boy had a great time.  He’s fast approaching his mid-thirties — enjoy life while you can, good sir!

 (I jest.  Mostly.)

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  1. 20 Jul 2011 10:09 pm

    Enjoyed indeed. Great stuff – my apartment is evidently bathed in golden light at all times, or at least in the evening. No cake, by the way, but we did finish off the Newcastle minikeg.

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