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after the rain.

21 Jul 2011

One afternoon last week, a skies opened up briefly but potently, just long enough to unleash a rain shower that turned the city into a humid, sticky, wet mess.  Afterwards, the clouds disappeared and the sun returned.  Everyone at the local piled outside, their eyes to the skies, to see if a rainbow was in the works; sure enough, a double rainbow appeared to the east, faint but definitely there. 

I brought out the Leica and kept my eyes on the pavement.  After a rainfall, and especially on a crosstown street like Canal, wide enough to let quite a bit of the late afternoon sun bear down, the streets just sort of shimmer: the sun reflects off the rain-slicked asphalt, and this magical light appears.   Canal Street suddenly becomes awash in this near-aura-like glow, and everyone who walks by is nearly ablaze in the light.  It’s pretty great, downright luminous.

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  1. 23 Jul 2011 7:04 pm

    “and this magical light appears.”

    wow! so beautiful!
    love your photos and your words.

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