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doctors in the gowanus.*

18 Jul 2011

Everyone’s favorite economic historian and erstwhile political theorist take in the sights around the Gowanus Canal, in the fading Sunday light.  Our stroll found us around bus depots and emptied warehouses, with curious new condo developments nearby — I’m guessing the new Whole Foods site on the corner of 3rd street and 3rd Avenue has something to do with that.  Though the lot is completely empty with nary a bit of construction to be found, the signs posted on the plywood around the edge say that the store is slated to open April 2012.   A Whole Foods in the Gowanus!  Now I’ve seen everything.

I took the Leica and the Lomo with me, and I think the Lomo shots turned out quite well.  Can you tell which photo came from which camera?

Beforehand, we met up at Abilene, completely wrecked from the women’s World Cup final.  The only thing to do, it seemed, was to calm our frayed nerves with some Hendricks-based gin and tonics.  Largely did the trick, methinks. 

* not unlike Gorillas in the Mist, I suppose.

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