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mystery pies.

4 Feb 2011

Usually when I get a roll of film back from the lab, I find myself pleasantly surprised at how some of the photos turned out — decently exposed despite low light, or perhaps an off-the-cuff shot that ended up not so blurry after all.  If it’s a roll that took me a while to finish, I’ll sometimes have that moment of Oh, right!  I’d forgotten about that moment! , and it’ll be a nice way to remember something I’d otherwise lose to the wilds of my overstuffed memory.

But it’s not often — pretty rare, to the point of just about never happening — that I look at a photograph and have absolutely no recollection of taking it.   And so when my most recent roll from the Spotmatic came back, these two photos jumped out at me — not so much for the content (it’s pizza, after all), but because I have no idea when or where they’d been taken.  Based on where they are on the roll, I’m guessing that this is somewhere in Brooklyn, but I can’t think of any pizza shop near me that has particularly interesting notions regarding toppings (read: corn?!).   And so I remain baffled.  Ideas, anyone?

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