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12 hours, photographically.

3 Feb 2011

Last night Donny and I met up for some slurpy noodle action at Hung Ry, over on Bond near Bowery.  Good stuff! The duck soup I got with hand-pulled noodles was excellent.  Afterwards, on the F train back to Boerum Hill, I found myself completely mesmerized by a lone yellow rainboot.

Woke up early this morning, and caught a bit of the dawn light making its way into middle Brooklyn.   As I was getting ready for work, I figured I’d end my roll of Portra 400NC on the Spotmatic with a couple of related shots: Pony, the Yashica, on its perch on one side of my mantle; and a photo of what usually happens around 8:50am every morning: deciding which camera, and roll of film, and pair of socks, to bring, load, and wear, respectively.  The socks, if I can find a matching pair, are usually the easiest to figure out. 

PS.  Today I brought both the Nikon and the Leica, and three extra rolls of color and black & white film.  Some days, it’s just easier to bring everything.   You never know what you might stumble upon.

PPS.  After a day of pricing Leicas on eBay, I’ve decided to get one of my very own.  To be sure, saving up the funds and justifying the purchase is going to take some doing (read: profound rationalization), but after the last roll I took, there’s just no way I can’t have that kind of visual possibility not always readily available to me.  I haven’t been that pleased by an entire roll of film in a very long time.

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