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the dumpling party.

7 Feb 2011

Saturday night I found myself at a Lunar New Year dumpling party.   Folks brought various homemade fillings, and partygoers assembled and fried their own dumplings, with a two-wok fry station set up in the quite lovely open kitchen.  It was a great time, full of good eats.  And sweet jesus, I would kill for that kitchen space. 

My photos of the actual frying process weren’t so good — I was a little nervous about getting the Leica spattered with oil, and methinks I was already three glasses of wine into my evening, so everything turned out a touch …. hurried.  But you get the picture (as it were).   And more importantly, our dumplings turned out pretty darn great, if I do say so myself. 

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  1. half pint permalink
    7 Feb 2011 8:26 pm

    wow, so jealous! it looks like so much fun. and all your dumplings are perfect!
    incidentally, just a few days ago i was reminiscing about the fun taking part in a massive dumpling party at Paces (is that what it was called?) with my Chinese class. Sign me up for more communal cooking (specially of the fried nature), eating and drinking any day! xo

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