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18 Nov 2010

It’s been incredibly hectic at work the last few days (and being a touch under the weather earlier in the week didn’t help matters either), so I haven’t had a chance to write a proper blog post about recent good eats.  Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time this weekend, inbetween planned meals at Kin Shop and Lotus of Siam.  A lot of Thai food is in my near future!

In the meanwhile, here’s my current favorite photo of the week: a peek into my bag, filled to the brim with two-week-old issues of the New Yorker and NYRB, my krama, and the glorious Leica.   The bag itself is also pretty great — it’s made by Archival Clothing, my favorite new purveyors of all things austerely, but elegantly, sturdy. 

To add to my Why yes, I do live in Brooklyn, how did you know?-ness, the nice fellows at FedEx will be delivering a shiny new MacBook Air to me on Monday.  Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want.   Boerum Hill all the way!

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  1. 19 Nov 2010 6:10 pm

    hipster please.

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