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shenanigans with jl.

20 Nov 2010

My friend Jason moved to Brooklyn last weekend — quite near me, in fact! — and I’ve managed to see him 4 times this past week, illness and work be damned.  One night we ended up at The Brooklyn Inn, where the couple sitting next to us at the bar offered us a piece of birthday cake.  After splitting our slice of cake, Jason proceeded to spruce up the wee rubber cow (pig?) toy that somehow ended up on the cake tray.   The Leica did a pretty decent job in low light, all things (200-speed film, my ongoing metering issues, whiskey) considered.

The next night I was walking home and saw this mislit sign, which rather nicely sums things up, no?

I am very, very happy to have dear Jason so very close to me.  Many more Brooklyn adventures to come, no doubt.

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  1. Scrappi permalink
    22 Nov 2010 5:31 am

    That little pig cow also needs a cap.

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